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Reframing Kafka Streams

Kafka Streams is a distributed database in disguise. With the exception of Kafka Streams, do your teams deploy systems that handle massive state in the application layer? Now, they no longer have to.

99.9% SLA.

MongoDB and Cassandra have had decades to work out the innumerable edge cases that pop up with distributed systems. We re-architected Kafka Streams to take advantage of these battle-hardened systems so that we can stand by an SLA that you can confidently pass on to your customers.

Save Years of Work.

Kafka Streams is a technology, not a product: companies cobble together supporting infrastructure in order to successfully operate it. We provide observability, tooling, automation and more out of the box. This means less engineering time wasted building and maintaining table-stakes infrastructure and more time spent confidently shipping business value.

Keep Everything You Built.

You made a great choice choosing Kafka Streams (see our whitepaper). Since Responsive is Kafka Streams, everything you invested to build your app stays the same except the problems go away.

Get Support Within 1 Hour.

Kafka Streams is challenging. We have solved most of the issues that page your developers at 3AM, but when your systems are down our team of experts will be right there with you.