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Why did we start Responsive?

We started Responsive to give Kafka Streams the love it deserves. Having supported mission-critical Kafka Streams applications at Confluent for over six years, we had seen our fair share of the ugly that comes with it. But despite the rough edges, developers kept coming back for more.

We asked developers: why? Responses were consistent. Kafka Streams is the only technology that provides stateful event processing capabilities that can easily run alongside their existing apps: in-network, deployed with the same CI/CD pipeline and monitored with existing tools. That helped us realize that the existing products (including KSQL, which we were developing at the time) may help solve operational issues, but at the expense of flexibility developers love.

So we assembled a team to build the best way to run Kafka Streams in production, and the result is Responsive.


Apurva Mehta

Co-Founder & CEO

Apurva has spent more than 15 years building infrastructure software, the most recent six of which were at Confluent, where he was an engineer working on Apache Kafka and later ran the KSQL and Kafka Streams teams.


Almog Gavra


Almog is an experienced infrastructure software engineer. He has worked on search infrastructure at LinkedIn, and most recently he was one of the top contributors to KSQL at Confluent.


Rohan Desai


Rohan has been working in the software infrastructure space for over 10 years. Most recently he was at Confluent, where he was the architect of the cloud platform underpinning KSQL.


Sophie Blee-Goldman

Founding Engineer

Sophie is an Apache Kafka committer and PMC member. She was most recently at Confluent, where she worked on Kafka Streams, becoming one of the project's top contributors.


Chubbs Otter


Chubbs is hard at work ensuring Responsive has a cute mascot and that otters are well represented.