Kafka Streams

Without Operational Pain.

Responsive manages your stateful Kafka Streams applications in your cloud. You focus on writing your code, we keep it running.

Developers Kafka Streams. Responsive is the SRE team you have always wanted.

Managed Storage

Managed Storage, Separate Compute

Responsive's storage service means your Kafka Streams apps run without a local RocksDB. You get instant restores, lightning fast rebalances, and a modern cloud architecture without the headache of managing and tuning a storage system.


Intelligent & Instant Autoscaling

Responsive autoscales apps running in your VPC using configurable policies. Your app sends us metrics, and Responsive will scale your Kafka Streams app up or down to maintain the target lag. Never size a cluster again.


~ kafka-streams-app/ git diff

-- a/App.java

++ b/App.java

@@ -81,7 +81,7

- KafkaStreams streams = new KafkaStreams(...);

+ KafkaStreams streams = new ResponsiveKafkaStreams(...);

Drop-In Migration

Responsive plugs into Open Source Kafka Streams. After including Responsive JARs in your classpath, add Responsive as a prefix to KafkaStreams and your migration is done.


Your Environment, Your Tools

You have full control over how you develop, build, test, deploy, and monitor your application. Your code runs in your VPC so you can ssh, view logs, collect metrics and stay in the familiarity of your environment.