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Are you prepared for scale with Kafka Streams?

Key Highlights

What are the typical stages of Kafka Streams adoption in the best companies in the world? What are the problems at each stage? How have some of the best companies addressed these challenges and succeed with Kafka Streams and event-driven architectures at Scale?

The simplicity of Kafka Streams’ adoption leads engineering teams to believe that simple code will translate to simple production operations: reality often diverges from this expectation.

This whitepaper highlights the typical adoption journey of Kafka Streams within an organization, the challenges faced at each phase and provides some best practices to ensure smooth transitions as your company’s event driven architecture matures:

  • Covers the four phases of operational maturity: Experimentation, Pre-Production Production and Scale.
  • Compiles resources for addressing the most common issues at each phase of adoption.
  • Reference talks, blogs and open source from top companies such as WiX, Michelin, Bloomberg and Walmart.

Companies Surveyed

Navigating Phases of Kafka Streams Operational Maturity

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