When is Kafka Streams the right choice for event-driven architectures?

Key Highlights

The widespread adoption of technologies such as Apache Kafka have resulted in the commoditization and availability of realtime event data. Many businesses extract value from this data by deriving insight into their business in the form of analytics, but the next frontier for organizations is to leverage this data to build high-fidelity, realtime business applications that automate operations and serve customers directly

This whitepaper:

  • Gives an overview of common patterns for event-driven applications and examines successful deployments of such apps in industry leading companies.
  • Provides a survey of technologies that power these applications and considerations for choosing between them.
  • Gives best practices for designing event-driven applications.

The intended audience for this paper is decision makers and software architects in technical organizations.

Companies Surveyed

Foundations for Stateful Event-Driven Applications

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